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To be an authentically Catholic Academy, educating students in the truth, goodness and beauty of a solid, well-rounded Catholic classical education, cultivating their virtue and character, deepening their faith and sharpening their intellect. 


That through excellence in Catholic education, students and parents in our Academy community may be inspired to achieve personal holiness, and be equipped to work for the greater glory of God in the world and to effectively build the culture of life. 


We are rooted in the Catholic Faith and faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

Christ and His teachings permeate all areas of learning. Students meet Christ sacramentally in school Masses and spiritually throughout each day in all that we do

We pursue academic excellence

We foster a love of knowledge and learning and encourage joy in the students’ educational journey

Mission focus. We prepare students to be active, qualified ambassadors of God’s Word in our day-to-day surroundings

We recognize parents are the primary educators of their children, meaning that parents and families are regularly involved in school life and the educative process

We do everything humbly and for the greater glory of God on earth

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