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Our Curriculum

A student’s beginning at Sacred Heart Academy is meant to awaken wonder and the joy of learning. Through stories, poems, chants and songs, the child finds an attractive learning style which also introduces him or her to classic children’s literature, geographical facts, great stories of history, catechism and the Bible.


Through our Kindergarten program, children receive a solid and excellent introduction to reading and writing, incorporating phonics and interactive learning for a successful beginning. Children are prepared to be able to write and receive an introduction to cursive writing. Science focuses on the wonder of the natural world around them. Basic vocabulary words and phrases are taught. Prayer and formation in basic manners, kindness and age - appropriate virtue is also emphasized

A Catholic School of Distinction

Through Catholic lifestyle exemplified in our day-to-day practice at school, we prepare our students to live with a moral purpose and conviction knowing always they are loved and cherished by God, thereby laying the foundation for future learning opportunities and ultimately success in this life, and eternal salvation in the next.

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